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An Overview of Department

हिन्‍दी पृष्‍ठ


The Department of College Education was set up in 1958 for the administration and development of College education in the Rajasthan State. In 1958 there were only 40 Colleges (24 Government, 13 Aided and 3 Unaided) under its Control. The Department is working under the control and administration of the Director of College Education, Rajasthan, Jaipur.

          The department plays an important role in bringing about the quantitative and qualitative improvement in the higher education in the State.


Important Activities of the Department

•         Management of existing government colleges.

•         Opening new colleges in public sector.

•         Providing aid to aided institutions.

•         Issuing permanent and temporary NOC to private colleges.

•         Distribution of scholarship to students.

•         Ensuring quality of Higher Education in the State.


The budget distribution and the monitoring of expenditure in Government Colleges is done by Directorate. Apart from this the Department also provided Grant-in–aid to 71# Non Government Colleges till Feb 2012.  The placement of teaching and non-teaching staff, service matters and the academic control of all colleges is done by the Directorate.

  The Directorate helps the colleges in obtaining development grants from the U.G.C. and also helps in implementing programmes like N.S.S., Scouting, youth Programmes etc. It also provides grants for organization of the academic conferences and seminars. The deputation to refresher courses and other academic programmes is also done by the Directorate.


The Directorate deals with about fourteen hundred private colleges and 148# Government colleges affiliated with 6 Universities.


Organizational Structure

The Department of Higher Education is being administered at Secretariat level by Principal Secretary, Deputy Secretary, Asst. Secretary and an OSD.

The Department of College Education (Directorate of College Education) is headed by Director (IAS) and Additional Director (RAS). There are 4 Joint Directors (PG Principals) and 3 Deputy Directors and 11 Assistant Directors in the department. The Department has six zonal offices situated at Ajmer, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Bikaner, Kota and Jaipur. The Department has posts of Financial Advisor/Chief Accounts Officer and DLR.

(#Orders issued in session 2010-11 to conditionally undertake aided Nehru Memorial College, Hanumangarh as government institution and Gran-in-aid provided to aided colleges till 15 Feb 2012, SFS College of Chhipa Barod and Rawatbhata transfer announcement in 2013)


The Head Office of College Education Department has following sections:  


A Establishment Section:  

There are approximately 4000 teaching staff / officers and 3500 non-teaching employees working in the Department. This section deals with –

·         All postings, transfers, postings, promotions of government college employees

·         New recruitment for various posts for government colleges.

·         Personnel Information's of Lecturers

·         Postings Details of Lecturer

·         Pay scale / Fixation etc.

·         Deciding seniority of the Lecturers/ Employees.

·         Service Details for DPC

·         Enquiries against employees

B Planning & Coordination Section  

Planning section undertakes the work of planning, monitoring and coordination between the Directorate and the colleges. Work related to plan expenditure of government colleges is carried out by this section. Information and proposals from various government colleges related to opening of new colleges, subjects, posts and up gradation of colleges is obtained and compiled at Directorate level. These proposals are sent to government for approval. The important functions undertaken by planning section are as follows:  

1.   Proposals of opening new colleges, new sections, new faculties and subjects in government colleges.

2.   Building - Construction and Repair of college and hostel building

3.   Sanction and Monitoring of Boys/ Students funds.

4.   Ensuring implementation of announcements made by Honourable CM regarding Department of College Education.

5.   Preparation of Budget Proposals for BFC (Plan and Non Plan) and monitoring of Plan budget.

6.   Liaison between colleges and University Grants Commission.

7    Monitoring of the colleges to be assessed and accredited by NAAC.  

8  Collection of Data for Planning: The Statistics Cell collects information regarding enrolment, infrastructural facility, staff strength, etc. from all government and private colleges. The information is obtained through manual means (a blank booklet is sent to all colleges by the Directorate) and information thus received is entered in a DOS based data management software. The information is compiled at Directorate level is used by the department, state government, central government, MHRD etc for various purposes.  


C- Academic Section:  

The Academic Section deals with the following matters-

·            Formation and implementation of admission policy of students.

·            Nomination of lecturers to state and out of state orientation and refresher programmes, seminars, symposiums, workshops, conferences and other training programmes are dealt with from the academic section.

·            matters related to student union election, hostel admission, NSS and NCC programmes, sports and other co-curricular activities

·            Smooth effective and fair conduction of university examination in all the govt. colleges of Rajasthan

·            Management of Elementary Computer education in government colleges.

·            Foreign scholarships awarded to students are also forward from this section.

·            Holding terminal tests in colleges.  

D- Legal Section:  

The Legal Section maintains record of the entire legal cases related to the department filed in the Supreme Court, High Courts, Civil Court, District Courts, session courts or tribunals. The cases are usually related with employees of the Department. All details like Court wise details, OIC wise details, decision, contempt are maintained in the section.  

E- Accounts Section:  

·            The major function of the Accounts Section is related to allocation and monitoring of budget to the Govt./ Aided colleges and offices related to the Department.

·            The expenditure made by the Govt./Aided colleges and related offices is monitored on monthly basis by this section.

·            Financial reports of Plan and Non plan budget prepared by this section monthly/quarterly/Annual basis. It also processes salary of the head office of the department.

·            It also conducts audits of the accounts of the related colleges. Auditing and finalization of funds related to aided colleges.

·            Checking and approval of all fixation cases of staff of all Government colleges, all aided colleges.

·            Monitoring for all pension cases

·            Special audits about embezzlements, thefts, misappropriation of Government money and other financial irregularities.

·            Reconciliation of expenditure of all Government colleges, aided colleges, Sangeet Sansthan, School of Arts, Universities and N.S.S. Comments about rules and financial issues, compliance of internal audit reports, monitoring and compliance of A.G. audit reports, draft paras, Factual reports and P.A.C. recommendation. Implementation of scholarship schemes. Auditing of utilization of U.G.C. grants and issuing U.Cs.  

F- Personnel Section:  

The Personnel section is dealing with Principal, Vice-Principal and Non-Gazetted staff for DPC / Seniority / Screening purpose and compilation of ACR's of  Rajasthan Education Service officers (Collegiate branch) and employees.

G- GRANT-IN-Aid Section:  

The Grant-in-aid section deals with –

·         Processing applications of new colleges and giving them temporary NOCs.

·         Processing applications for permanent NOCs to private colleges.

·         Matters related to aided colleges.

Last reviewed and updated on 17-7-2013